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#1 Follow your Bliss

CANOE CRAFT - Ted Moores

“I don’t feel like I am helping people.

More sharing what you’ve got.”

Ref: Moores, Ted, 2000, Canoe Craft, Published by Firefly Books Ltd, Ontario, Canada.

I, David Turner from appreciate and like that sentiment.

Let's See the World! Mission Statement

Let’s See the World!

Let the Sun be My flag, and the Sky My tent,

Accept the No-Mind-ness of Great Origin.

A Soul free, with the Shine of the Sun, the Moon,

the Appearance of Clouds and Mist.

Go to the Edges of the Map and Beyond.

Gracefully and Gratefully - Move Me on.

May Interest and Curiosity - Guide Me.

Energy, Clarity, and Good Feelings - Support Me.

Let Me Witness, the Stars in Both Hemispheres.

Let My Intuition be My Instinctive Plan, and My Faithful Guide.

I must Risk going too Far, to Discover how Far I can Go.

My journey is to unfold before Me!

Copyright David J Turner 10 February 2021


Let the roads bless our flag. Ride the mountains with ease.

Follow the winds of change, gracefully. Glide like the clouds in the sky.