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2021 Proposed Rockhampton to Adelaide Tour Map

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#5 Bicycle Touring Hints and Tips -

VICTORY Herbert Kauffman

You are the man who used to boast.

That you’d achieve the uttermost.

Some day.

You merely wished a show,

To demonstrate how much, you know.

And prove the distance you can go.

Another year we’ve just passed through.

What new ideas cam to you?

How many big things did you do?

Time…left twelve months fresh months in your care.

How many of them did you share?

With opportunities and dare.

Again, where you so often missed?

We did not find you on the list of makers, God.

Explain the fact.

Ah no, t’was not the chance you lacked!

As usual- you failed to act! David’s FOOD TO RIDE BY 1 - two (2) people.

One Avocado - use cavity of cut halves as natural “bowls”.

One Flat Can of tuna / fish


1. Cut avocados in half remove seed use the

cavity for the tuna. Can use a spoon to serve.

2. Can mix both in a cup each but need to

wash the cups and spoons.

3. Mix and eat all tuna can and oil.

4. Add Salt, Pepper ,mixed Herbs, if handy!

“Great on some dry crackers with hot tea.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------FOOD TO RIDE BY 2 - two (2) people. (Lonely Planet, Cycling Australia, P 397)

1. Tomato Paste Sachets

2. One Stock Cube