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DJTC Consulting strapline: ENGAGE | CREATE | EXCEL

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Let's look a bit deeper!

What do they mean?

Let's begin, shall we!

More words

ENGAGE - Attract | Effort | Attention

CREATE - Evolve | Invent | Unique

EXCEL - Surpass | Outdo | Superior


1. Online Professional Mechanical Engineer

2. Information Systems Degree

3. RPEQ Certification Crane | Plant | Equipment

4. Project Management

Social Mission

Vision | Blitz Elderly Poverty !

1. Adequate Money

2. Reasonable Effort

3. Accomplishments

Lasting Benefits

1. Dedication

2. Discipline

3. Motivation

4. Stamina

Lasting Features

1. Yoking or union of mind, body and soul to be the best me and you the best you.

2. Naturally being Natural and being Human.

3. I be the Best Me, with You be the Best You.


Whole of life viewpoint!

Let me hope that my introduction was reasonable.

Services Mechanical Engineering & IT-Information Systems to provide funding.