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Tropic-Outback-Tropical North Escape to the Tropic of Capricorn - The Outback - The Tropical North Rockhampton Cloncurry Karumba Tablelands Cairns. Full of Wondrous Sights mixed with sightseeing. Adventure that pairs Health with Holidaying. Holidaying is a great source of energy and joy. Inject some adventure into your next break. Dig your toes into the cool red desert sand before sunrise. Just being there makes your heart-whole, your soul relaxed. AS SEEN on /events Stage 1 Tropic of Capricorn -Rockhampton to Cloncurry, Outback Explore the Early Bird Rockhampton to Cloncurry offer book before 30 April 2021 now priced at $2,500 with discount. Full Price $2,950 per person. Stage 1 Bicycle tour starts Sunday 2 May Rockhampton QLD, Australia. Stage 2 Outback, Cloncurry, Karumba, Cairns, Tropical North Explore the Early Bird Cloncurry to Cairns offer book before 30 April 2021 now priced at $ 2,500 with discount. Full Price $2,950 per person. Bicycle tour starts Tuesday 18 May Cloncurry QLD, Australia. Bicycle Tour you are Self-Sufficient. Helps with Covid Stuff. Hold my place Non-Refundable Deposit is $500. Stage 1 Early Bird Discount is $ 2,500. Full Fare$ 2,950.00 Stage 2 Early Bird Discount is $ 2,500.00 Full Fare $2,950.00 Stage 1 Starts Sunday 2 May 2021 - 17 days. Stage 2 Starts Tuesday 18 May 2021 - 15 days. Limited Group by Invitation. Dates subject to bookings. Stage Tour Registration and Schedule Forms on administration tab as a pdf download

David Turner

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