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Pedal Aussie QLD Bicycle Tour Rockhampton to Cloncurry two week cycle, two day bus return

Report 2 July 2021

My Bicycle tour from Rockhampton Qld Australia to Cloncurry has finished. Thanks to bicycle queensland for publishing my tour offer.

My Personal Bicycle Tour take Out

  1. Freedom! Engage what you have and some.

  2. A long ride is like Meditation, good for the Soul.

  3. Chance to meet great people.

Let's look into the Rockhampton to Cloncurry Tour.

Two weeks by bicycle and two day bus return same route.

My mindset to create the trip was not my mindset at the end.

What happened in between?

The mindset to start the trip had many objectives.

The draw, to read, to fish, to have bush meat.

The mindset that finished was focused, efficient and outcome driven.

My initial mindset needed additional 18 kg on the bike. My mindset that finished was getting110 km per day with no issues start 9AM there 3 PM. Electrolyte needs to be addressed with the larger distances covered.

Let me backup and tell you what was the motivation.

Needed to get the cobwebs out of the wool in my thinking.

Too much thinking by me who had just finished two QUT bachelor degrees IT-IS and an International Business Degrees. OK grades.

Initially I built a website developed a bicycle with a business proposition.

The copy was live, the $ 2,500 tour fee offered ,online products developed for people to support at considered reasonable fees $2.95 and a plan for stage 1 Rockhampton to Cloncurry and stage 2 Cloncurry to Cairns. Of course the marketing surveys were not completed. After a short but best available marketing as an upcoming to Bicycle Qld as a current member and the local Rockhampton Community.

I wanted to go for a cycle. I had hoped for others to come along as well.

The deadline had passed and no callers.

Covid pandemic was another issue. The Astrazeneca vaccine jab appointment was the week following. Of course, interest would have been welcomed. Not a whisper.

Monday May 10 2021 had the astrazeneca vaccine jab and needed three days to get over it. Bit unsure of any further vaccination complication. Thought I could handle it OK. Started the ride Friday 13 May 2021.