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Pedal Aussie QLD Bicycle Tour Rockhampton to Cloncurry two week cycle, two day bus return

Report 2 July 2021

My Bicycle tour from Rockhampton Qld Australia to Cloncurry has finished. Thanks to bicycle queensland for publishing my tour offer.

My Personal Bicycle Tour take Out

  1. Freedom! Engage what you have and some.

  2. A long ride is like Meditation, good for the Soul.

  3. Chance to meet great people.

Let's look into the Rockhampton to Cloncurry Tour.

Two weeks by bicycle and two day bus return same route.

My mindset to create the trip was not my mindset at the end.

What happened in between?

The mindset to start the trip had many objectives.

The draw, to read, to fish, to have bush meat.

The mindset that finished was focused, efficient and outcome driven.

My initial mindset needed additional 18 kg on the bike. My mindset that finished was getting110 km per day with no issues start 9AM there 3 PM. Electrolyte needs to be addressed with the larger distances covered.

Let me backup and tell you what was the motivation.

Needed to get the cobwebs out of the wool in my thinking.

Too much thinking by me who had just finished two QUT bachelor degrees IT-IS and an International Business Degrees. OK grades.

Initially I built a website developed a bicycle with a business proposition.

The copy was live, the $ 2,500 tour fee offered ,online products developed for people to support at considered reasonable fees $2.95 and a plan for stage 1 Rockhampton to Cloncurry and stage 2 Cloncurry to Cairns. Of course the marketing surveys were not completed. After a short but best available marketing as an upcoming to Bicycle Qld as a current member and the local Rockhampton Community.

I wanted to go for a cycle. I had hoped for others to come along as well.

The deadline had passed and no callers.

Covid pandemic was another issue. The Astrazeneca vaccine jab appointment was the week following. Of course, interest would have been welcomed. Not a whisper.

Monday May 10 2021 had the astrazeneca vaccine jab and needed three days to get over it. Bit unsure of any further vaccination complication. Thought I could handle it OK. Started the ride Friday 13 May 2021.

The initial tour progress was stuttering with a too heavy bike load. These are my return to sender loads. Sent 6 kg at a the Duaringa Post office, another 6 kg at Emerald and yet more of the same 6 kg at Winton. Too little too late. My fitness had overcome the need for all this 18 kg of stuff.

Bicycle Tour Town Summary

Towns included Rockhampton, (Bush Camp) Duringa,(Motel) sent back 6 kg,

Dingo, Blackwater, Comet,(Donga) Emerald,sent back 6 kg(Bush Camp) Anakie, Alpha, Jerico, Barcauldine, Longreach,(Fixed spokes at Garage with the bike tools),

Left Longreach spoked continued to pop and pick up by road gang." Loader and Cookie" from Winton. (Sent back 6 kg). Found Spare Wheel 34 spokes and thicker 2mm spokes. Winton, (Caravan Park),

Kyuna (Hotel), McKinley, (Caravan Park) Cloncurry.(Motel) two weeks later.

Vehicle lift by people on the road. Thank you I am very grateful for your assistance.

1. Alpha to Longreach Rear wheel spokes were popping like popcorn.

2. Road Tek Road gang gratefully let me travel with them into Winton, rear wheel two spokes popped again.

High Street Cycles, Rockhampton serviced my bike before I left. They cleaned my well trekked soiled bike. Also added new wheel bearings, chain and chain sprocket. The job was OK by me, for sure.

The Shimano MT35 front 24 and rear 28 spoke wheels had been OK in North Island New Zealand ~1300km , Brisbane to Bowen ~ 1300 km, Rockhampton to Brisbane ~600km Rockhampton to Deep Water in NSW~1300 km and other shorter trips no issues with the loads.

No bike shops other than Rockhampton, small one in Longreach.

Winton shops ship them in from Bicycle shop Shep's from Brisbane.

A Winton secondary student had a collection so I was glad to get the rear wheel with a disc brake plate that fitted my bike. My better specked wheel was given to his father. Perhaps help somebody, as his son had helped me.

The Winton, second hand rear wheel was out of true. My concern was any mechanical changes by me might pop a spoke and where would that leave me. A week at best to source and get a wheel to Winton.

Remember this was the weekend. All the known bike shops in town had nothing to offer. The borrowed wobbly local wheel had a bit going for it. There were 34 spokes thicker 2mm stainless steel type. That second hand wheel got me from Winton to Cloncurry. Some lubricant squirted into the bearing chamber and away it went.

Tour Highlights

The birds sounds and the displays of the red and grey galahs, the white cockatoos, the brolgas in the creeks, the dingos rounding up the cattle, the kangaroos the open spaces the stars, the quiet, the White Gum Trees, the Mulga, the Athel trees, the Flinders Grass, the Turkey's Nests and troughs, the water holes, the creek crossings, the rock outcrops, the small towns, the wonderful rest stops, and last not least the fabulously generous people. I loved it all!

Bicycle Bicycle Sense My Personal Thoughts.

  1. Be free, be light, go easy and get there on time. (Less actions and decisions to carry, pack and unpack.)

2. Be heavy and waddle with unwanted issues. (In my case losing 18 kg of stuff. Body weight is another issue to consider.)

3. Spokes front and Rear 36 each (2 mm for this trip) stainless steel with brass spoke nipples. Rims width 32C.

4. Note: Watch saltwater with High tensile spokes with aluminum nipples.

An electrical cell is set up and they all pop together quickly and in larger numbers mine

in NZ were five in number rear and three in the front after riding down the ninety mile

beach in the salt water beach waves. Spokes pop about three days after the sea water.

These NZ waves come silently and quickly and capture you.They leave and you pull your

bike out of the sand and hopefully your shoes come out as well. Then you go some till

the next one comes. (Wild and Silly and Wonderful)

5. I like are Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres with small Presta valve tubes.

6. No metal threaded value fitting, tape only.

7. Make a good choice on tube quality. My rear tube blew out completely on this trip.

Heat bad roads and heavy personal and bike load were contributing factors.

My best Personal Bicycle Tour take Out

Freedom! Engage what you have and some.


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