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   Let's Go!

Marlborough Bush Camp hard ground bit dry, just fine to rest.  Bike Panniers were used for load. Hammock and Shelter just great, with no peg issues.

Alternative to panniers  is a 32 litre hiking back pack placed on bicycle rear rack in a sock tube plus bikepump, personal, camp and cooking tour kit 

less than <  6 kg.

This kit will get you to Cloncurry or Cairns there is adequate comfort and safety to be self-sufficient.

First Aid Kit to be added with three large bandages.

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Pedal Aussie - EASY - Registration Form Download and send back to


           in pfd below.

Pedal Aussie Health Hygiene and Safety Tips

Pedal Aussie Cyclist Daily Fuel and Fluid Strategies

Pedal Aussie Behaviour Change Contract Your OK is Required.

Signature Required

Pedal Aussie Code of Conduct Form                       Signature Required

Administration 2 Registration Forms


Bicycle Tour Self-Sufficient

No Regrets - No Omissions

Take it off Your Bucket List!

Let’s face it, whether you are a casual cyclist or a hard-core cyclist both are immersing yourselves in the active.


Pedal Aussie is creating active new brain pathways with great experiences. Pedal Aussie active adventuring is tied to the Australian landscape. Adventure Exploration for itchy-footed Australians.


The Covid pandemic restrictions highlighted personal issues with the lack of freedom. This does not sit well with us.


Australians like to travel.

Australians do want to travel.

Travel is now a privilege.

Take it NOW! Covid Plan and Policies are in the Administration Tab as a downloadable PDF.


Ensuring you are safe to travel in a group.


Pedal Aussie Health Hygiene and Safety Tips.

Cyclist touring may be intimidating. Australians want confidence they are not going to be sick. The travel costs not to outweigh the benefits.

Pedal Aussie anticipates people’s desire to meet family and friends. Bring along a sibling and have a shared memory that is special to you.

-Here is your chance to redefine yourself.

-Reconnect you with the planet.

-Experience the raw and unfiltered bike tour linking the landscape of the Tropic of Capricorn, The Outback, and the Tropical North.

One hell of a spectacular trip is proposed!

Blue skies, abundant wildlife, red dirt, friendly people, and wide brown open spaces, endless horizons.


Fabulous sunrises and sunsets.

The daylight in between with the wheels on the road & feet on the pedals.


The gentle circular motion cadence rhythm tuning the music of the dance. The low-impact play of the wheels spinning, the chain humming, the cogs turning, and you lost in a wonderful, delicious dream.

Just the thought of being on a bike for a period, being sweaty with lycra may be out of your comfort zone.


Dr. George Sheehan says that “Sweat is the internal shower.” Getting sweaty is one thing but getting sweaty in lycra brings Pedal Aussie’s tour to a whole new level. Inside and outside showering every day on the bike and campground, bliss on wheels.


Some people have a pathological hatred of camping.  Basically, you just get used to it. My father taught us to camp well, and I have always loved camping.


Bicycling is not all that there is.

The activity of bicycling is not only a great trip away and with friends, but also stimulates blood circulation and burns those unwanted calories.


Cycling is good for core and stabilizers.

Be fitter have better moods, more relaxed, and stress-free. Live longer, have an amazing waistline, awesome butt, and strong legs.


With cycling, we start somewhere and we go somewhere.

The open road with dreams in between.

Great destinations apply!


Pedal Aussie’s tour experience is of benefit to you with the best of the destinations.

No queues no cancelled flights, no waiting for planes nor buses to catch, no intricate schedules.


The benefits are inbuilt with your moments of truth, and yours to treasure and personally keep.


The bicycle road trip generates clarity.


The aim is for you to have an exciting and memorable tour. There is a challenge. The scope of daily activity is high.


You and you alone are to accept the challenge, or not.


The responsibility is yours and yours alone.

I will guide you as best able.

I have had both solo and group.

Either satisfied me.

Both groups have their points of view.


There are undeniable benefits of an organized group touring party.


It is not just the quiet blue sky, the vast open landscape, the wildlife, but it is also you on your way. Bonding as a cyclist is real.


The benefits are hard to refute. Contest if you must.

Inside knowledge, shared experience, independent mindset,

wilderness, hiking, camping, bird-watching, star gazing.

Not something, by myself  I would have enjoyed nearly as much.


With the pace of modern living, people are even more worried about speed. On tap is instant gratification.


Human information is all around us.

The bicycle taps that human information at a slower pace. A pace that we can reconnect and readjust to our world.


Pedal Aussie presents best in each camp and town experience. 

The Pedal Aussie Buddy System has a discrete way of looking out for each other.

Pedal Aussie aims to avoid the risk of falsely accusing local people for whatever reason.

Pedal Aussie aims to minimize stirring up trouble along the way.


We want the heavenly treat of a day, off the beaten path.

We want to stimulate all your senses, daily, forever daily.


The schedule is set out, however, is not fixed in stone.

The start and end dates will be met, of course.


International and Australian interstate visitors please note the covid section. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the details relevant to you. No refunds or rebates will apply.


My intention is to enjoy the ride.

I do hope you will as well.




Stage Tour Registration and Schedule Form on https://www.pedalaussie.comadministration tab as a PDF download.


Send your deposit, discount fee full fee. Best use my bank details which I will send you when you register.




M: 0478149648 text image is OK.

Pedal Aussie Covid Plan and Policy

Government Covid Vaccination Plan

Team Meeting Kit

Pedal Aussie Benefits Chat

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