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Bike Best Product Checklist

Connected to rear-bicycle-rack.
(Use Bungee or sticky strap to rear rack in a bright-colored red /yellow/orange cover-tube to keep the straps and loose bits contained.)

My Backpack bike kit

Example Only ~ 5.8 kg


 Inside my bicycle backpack explained.

When you are an older cyclist...

Challenges include:

Your waistline

   The carried bike load.


BENEFIT: This for those who use airplanes you can streamline your packing

and not check-in luggage at the airport.

Carry on only.


My given kit is around 5.8 kg.

Lose the gas burner & bottle, the metal billy, and cup,

a bicycle pump and yoga cards save around 1.5-2 kg.

Yoga cards are for those who like yoga.


A Tour Bicycle list that may help.

1.Backpack strong enough to be clamped to a rear bike rack and slipped into a tube to keep all the bits inside. 32-liter maximum size. Mine is my son’s One Planet Pack he took to Thailand. Check out Nowaki, 32L Pack

2.Sandals with and without socks Keen, Newport Hiking & Water Sandal. Socks thin and strong, warm merino wool and thin cool.

3.Books Kindle Paperlight with light.

4.Arab Kafiya Scarf  Winter / Warm

5.Rechargeable Bivouac Head Torch

6.Suunto GPS, Garmin GPS Watch elevation savvy and track your ride and plan the next one.

7.Saloman soft flask drink bottle and filter

8.Fast and Free Run Belt something small to carry essentials


9.Circuit Massage Ball Prevents injury on the road. Roll it under your feet. Sit and roll when sitting anywhere, on rail, planes.

10.Moleskin Journal. You can write as able.

Notes and a Journal I am a fan, Something strong needed.

Inside my backpack.

11.Hammock and Shelter. Bike Tour         Hammock+Suspension +bugmesh +tarp The was used Rockhampton to Cloncurry Trip my Rank 5/10.

12.Sleeping bags down and acrylic small both in compression bags

13.Shimano Fishing cap.

14.Hitorhike sleeping mat untested.

15.360degrees gas top burner

16.Gas Bottle pro-fuel 220 and 460grams sizes

(lose gas bottle before traveling by air.)


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